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After We Praey is a Richmond, VA rock band. Looking to start something fresh and simple, they developed a full setlist ready to bring to the stage and are poised to rock. Get ready.


Our new debut album Drop, Cover, and Hold On is finally here! You can listen or download a copy of it right now here on our site or by heading over to our BandCamp site. We decided to make the price for the album whatever you want to pay because we love making and sharing our music and want to make sure everyone gets a chance to hear our songs. If you ever so graciously decide to pay for it, know that your money will go towards merch, future recordings, and more awesome stuff for you wonderful people. Physical copies of the album will be available for sale soon, stay tuned. 

Don't forget to share our album with your friends and family and spread the love on social media, we really appreciate it! 

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