After We Praey is a Richmond, VA rock band influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Deftones, Seether, and Foo Fighters. Looking to start something fresh and simple, they developed a full setlist ready to bring to the stage and are poised to rock. Get ready.

The name, After We Praey, is a dual question: What happens after we pray and after we prey? In other words, do our actions always match our intentions and do we always consider the implications of our actions? This is true for music as much as anything, which is why After We Praey is determined to be clear and consistent about what they do. And it’s this mentality that they want bring to their live shows and other ventures.

After We Præy is:

Caleb Brooks - Vocals.Guitar.Bass

Annita Kelly - Vocals.Bass.Guitar

Daniel Bell - Drums

Stephen Burwell - Melodica.Crew



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